Let’s Get This Party Started!

Now that I have outlined my basic ideas as to The Kindness Project itself, I need to take a look at the logistical things that need to be accomplished before my students take this challenge on. The kids come back on July 31st…I know too soon!!

I want to integrate this project at the start of the first quarter and right now a list of things are just swimming around in my brain and I need to find a little clarity. Sometimes it just feels better to put all of my ideas down somewhere, so here goes.



1)      I need to compose a letter to my students. Either one for each child, or something for the group. I think I might do a combo. (I’ll post what I write to them later on this blog).

2)      I need to create some kind of PowerPoint I can share with them explaining everything to elicit their support and excitement. Don’t worry, that will show up on the blog too!

3)      I need to create a website (There is actually a student of mine who said they would work on it over the summer so we will see what else I need to do when Fall arrives). Yes, as you can guess as soon as the website is active I will post a link!

4)      I need to create the documents that will be posted on the website regarding how to get others involved and continue the trend.

5)      If possible, I would like to have a little “token/thing” put inside the letters that are written and passed along. Right now I’m blanking on this. Any suggestions from the blogging world out there? If you watched the video I posted in the previous entry, you can kind of get the gist of it from the blue ribbons that are passed on in that example.  All ideas welcome on this one!

Ok, so I think that’s all of the moving pieces I have for right now. I’m sure others will arise as I take the next steps on this journey!

Thanks for reading and I will be posting soon.


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